Grace's Helping Hands

Providing training for returning veterans and minorities

Welcome To Grace’s Helping Hands

Grace’s Helping Hand is a not-for-profit organization formed in the State of Illinois and servicing the State of Illinois and Missouri.  Our focus is to provide training for returning veterans, minorities and the impoverished. Our training focuses on the skills that it takes to work in the recycling industry. It covers demanufacturing, forklift training, PC and electronics break/fix, administrative duties and more.

Our industry focus is in recycling.  We recycling clothes, furniture, e-waste and more.  Our community focus is on those individuals that are in need the most.  This includes our homeless, low income families, returning veterans and anyone else that could benefit from our services.

While some in our society might view both the items we recycle and the people we help as waste, we believe that they are our community’s best opportunity.  Through the programs we offer we give a helping hand to individuals who can have the biggest impact on themselves, their families, the employers and our communities.

Our program is touching real people and changing the lives of those in our community for the better.

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