Grace's Helping Hands

Providing training for returning veterans and minorities

Welcome To Grace’s Helping Hands

Grace’s Helping Hand is a not-for-profit organization formed in the State of Illinois and servicing the State of Illinois and Missouri.  Our focus is to provide training for returning veterans, minorities and the impoverished. Our training focuses on the skills that it takes to work in the recycling industry. It covers demanufacturing, forklift training, PC and electronics break/fix, administrative duties and more.

Our industry focus is in recycling.  We recycling clothes, furniture, e-waste and more.  Our community focus is on those individuals that are in need the most.  This includes our homeless, low income families, returning veterans and anyone else that could benefit from our services.

While some in our society might view both the items we recycle and the people we help as waste, we believe that they are our community’s best opportunity.  Through the programs we offer we give a helping hand to individuals who can have the biggest impact on themselves, their families, the employers and our communities.

Our program is touching real people and changing the lives of those in our community for the better.

Who We Are

Graces Helping Hand Inc.  is a not-for-profit formed in Illinois but currently services the States of Illinois and Missouri.

We were formed by a group of individuals that shared a common desire to assist our community’s most distressed individuals become active and productive members of society.  The goal is to uplift the entire community by focusing on people having difficulty helping themselves.

We have all had challenges in life.  We have also all had a helping hand from someone.  It could have been a friend, a stranger, a family member or a member of an organization.  We want to be the helping hand for those that have no one to provide one to them.

We focus on bringing together others in our community so the whole community participates in lending a hand.  Working together we can improve the lives of our entire community.  We believe changing the life of just one person has quantitative effects that can be seen and felt for generations.  But when you change the lives of many, our entire society feels it.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and community leaders that have come together to share our knowledge and experiences with people we can help.

What We Do

Graces Helping Hand Inc.  is a not-for-profit formed in Illinois but currently services the States of Missouri and Illinois.

Graces Helping Hand was formed to help better our community and lend a hand to individuals who need it the most.  We are focused on assisting low income families, previously incarcerated individuals, our homeless and returning veterans learn new skills that they can use to better their lives.

These skills include:

  • Warehouse operations and management
  • Forklift operation
  • Office administration
  • Retail operations and management
  • Inventory management
  • IT bench repair
  • Sales and account management
  • Soft skills
  • and more…..

We believe by empowering our staff with these skills, we allow them to grow and develop the skills to be a productive member in our community.  We are looking to help them change their paradigm and not just provide training.  In some cases it can take years to correct what has happened to them.

Some of the services we offer to our team members:

  • Counseling:  We will assist with finding counseling for anything that can help our staff to feel whole.  This can include abuse counseling, drug counseling, career counseling, anxiety or stress disorder, PTSD or anything else that might keep them from achieving all that they can.
  • Scholarship Program:  We offer a scholarship to team members to assist them with going back to school and achieving an education in a field they will enjoy
  • Job placement:  When a team member completes our program we will offer a to assist them in finding a long term position. We will also help them to transition to their new “family” and leave the door open in case they ever need/want to return.


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