Grace's Helping Hands

Providing training for returning veterans and minorities

Who We Are

Graces Helping Hand Inc.  is a not-for-profit formed in Illinois but currently services the States of Illinois and Missouri.

We were formed by a group of individuals that shared a common desire to assist our community’s most distressed individuals become active and productive members of society.  The goal is to uplift the entire community by focusing on people having difficulty helping themselves.

We have all had challenges in life.  We have also all had a helping hand from someone.  It could have been a friend, a stranger, a family member or a member of an organization.  We want to be the helping hand for those that have no one to provide one to them.

We focus on bringing together others in our community so the whole community participates in lending a hand.  Working together we can improve the lives of our entire community.  We believe changing the life of just one person has quantitative effects that can be seen and felt for generations.  But when you change the lives of many, our entire society feels it.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and community leaders that have come together to share our knowledge and experiences with people we can help.

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